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THE NEW RATLINE is a documentary feature film chronicling John Carlos Frey’s investigation into the global crisis of criminal Catholic priests deliberately moved internationally to evade prosecution and conviction of sex crime -- all the while supported and funded by the church.


The film specifically documents the alleged crimes of a Colombian priest who was moved from Colombia to the US after legitimate allegations and lawsuits of rape and pedophilia came forward. The priest soon disappeared though, ushering Frey to try and flush out his whereabouts to prove his guilt and restore justice to those harmed by him.


Armed with information about this heinous underground of pedophilia and the institution that protects priests, Frey investigates every lead he finds. Survivors, church employees, experts, law enforcement and even fellow priests share with Frey the importance of justice and holding the church accountable for the horrific crimes that have been committed. Through DNA evidence Frey proves the priest has fathered children in Colombia and raped women in the US, and the church has done nothing but protect and hide the criminal priest. Beyond any reasonable doubt, John Carlos Frey proves the priest should be behind bars. Frey also uncovers the church acting like mafia has knowingly moved and protected him.


Once this is proven, the evidence is submitted to the highest ranking Catholic church official in the US in the hope that something will be done. Then, an even larger conspiracy is uncovered. Frey and the team then expose an international ring of moving and hiding sexual predators even though the Catholic church has agreed to solve this ongoing problem.


THE NEW RATLINE gives a voice to the voiceless, a glimmer of hope to those who have been wronged that SOMEONE is actually there to help them find justice in a seemingly unjust world.



Through the power of investigative journalism and documentary filmmaking, we've proven that even when justice seems like a far cry, it can happen. Our dedication to the survivors of these heinous crimes proved those accused were guilty, even when law enforcement's hands were tied by the corrupt power of the church. We went after the bad guys, never stopping, until we could prove beyond a reasonable doubt they should be behind bars. And that dedication to truth uncovered a larger system of illegal behavior, (stripping many of their human rights), thus inevitably forcing a major legal investigation and impending incarceration.

THE NEW RATLINE is our way of seeking justice for those who can't for themselves.



THOMAS BACKER (Director and Executive Producer) is an EMMY® NOMINATED DIRECTOR who has a fearless approach to documentary work, having filmed in over 50 countries and every US state, producing hundreds of hours of content for Discovery, Animal Planet, Netflix, History, CBS News, ABC and Nat Geo on shows such as Fire Chasers, Ocean Warriors, Extinct or Alive, and Deadliest Catch. Focusing his career on topics he cares about such as human rights, climate change, and oceanic health, he’s been able to witness first-hand the major crisis we’re all facing in the hope that his filmmaking will create change.

JOHN CARLOS FREY (Host, Investigator and Producer) is a SIX-time EMMY® AWARD WINNING investigative reporter, PBS National Correspondent and documentary filmmaker focusing on issues that include migration, human rights, crime, police brutality, and corruption. Frey is one of America’s most decorated independent investigative journalists, whose work has sparked congressional hearings, grand jury investigations, indictments, resignations and arrests. John Carlos Frey has a fearless and dogged approach to uncovering the truth from world leaders to drug lords.



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